Member Biographies

Jack Cords, Printing Connection

I was raised in LA County as the eldest of 3 brothers. At the young age of ten I began working at my dad's grocery store, but my first experience with printing was a class I took at Jordan high school when I was eighteen. From there I got my first job at a PIP print shop and worked there for a year and loved every minute of it.
Since then I have taken over 20 college classes and have worked at a total of five print shops before I chose to start my own in Riverside in 1985. It all started in my garage space which I quickly outgrew within a year. I then
moved the shop into its own location and have worked and grown there ever since. 

I have a wife her name is Joan which I love deeply that works with me at the print shop and loves to go off-roading with me. We love camping. I also have two college age sons; one is graduated and working with me, the other is planning to pursue computer technologies at Cal Poly Pomona this year. I have been blessed to see my sons develop into fine men and my business grow to five printing presses, a high speed color copier along with lots of bindery  equipment. 

Being a printer all my life, the Printing Connection has over 75 years of combined experience and is an integral part of my life. I work hard and play hard as well. Whether I am in the office, riding ATVs in the desert, playing tennis on a Sunday morning, or watching NASCAR, I enjoy life and share in it with my family.

Robin Masiewicz, Flowers For You

Biography: Robin Masiewicz is an award winning floral Designer and creator of custom holiday themes and Special Events. She has a unique understanding of design, color/symbology, floral essences and the healing wisdom of foods. 

She is the creator of Flowerful Wisdom, a teaching of the subtle yet powerful message of flowers through their language and symbology. She has been coined “the flower whisperer”.   

Her skills as a nature intuitive bring a unique opportunity to discover at a soul level what flowers know about us. Be it in a private session, Team building events, Journaling for a deeper spiritual connection, or celebrations for a Birthday or wedding.   The Flowerful Wisdom’s floral messages and teachings help us to find our inner peace and clarity through their wisdom.

As certified Laughter Yoga instructor, Robin brings a light-hearted and easy manner to her classes offering a unique experience to discover the joy of being in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Her weekly radio show, the Transformation-Café.com, is a pod cast available on iTunes. The show is live on Tuesday evenings at 9pm PST.  Robin loves to inspire others through exploring their gifts and talents and her weekly show offers a fun and cozy café for others to share empowering conversations for positive change.  

Brian Meek, Attorney

Glen Payne, Lyconet
"Bringing more customers and more revenue to business owners!"

Biography: Glen Payne was born and raised in Southern California. He has been married to his wife, Denise, for 2 lovely years and still considers himself to be a newlywed. He holds degrees in engineering, physics, math, computer science, and chemistry. After receiving his master's degree in engineering in 1992, he taught physics and math at the university level, and then moved on to the ballistic missile industry with TRW in San Bernardino. Any more information about ballistic missiles, and he'll have to kill you. 

He has been in the computer industry for over 25 years and loves helping people improve their lives with technology.